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STUDY AND BUILD WITH US THE FUTURE BEYOND EXISTING INSTITUTIONS AND RECYCLING MENTALITY. Nova Town is a new unique Global Host for cross-discipline gatherings, both virtual and actual. Nova Town establishes a new school devoted to learning and teaching Fundamental Laws of Nature that are governing our entire existence. These laws are still unrecognized, ignored in all schools, in sciences and research, in social systems, and missed in all aspects of our everyday living, as well as in basic understanding of morals and ethics.

We invite you to this new school where we gather to learn about Why in the first place Newtonian or Einsteinian or any other laws and conditions described in physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics, are not universal nature's laws, but they only indicate our very specific and very limited human experience. We are here to explain Why our technology does not truly manifest our intelligence, but on the contrary, reveals how poor our abilities in our interactions and sensations within our environments are. Ironically, our proofs in sciences are mainly based upon recorded appearances perceived by corporeal sight, which is known in the field of psychology of human perceptions as the most deceiving, illusive and superficial sense-perception of all we may possess. Sciences are in great need to change their outdated methods in observing and understanding nature, and ourselves. Therefore, sciences as they are today, cannot approve or disapprove any experience outside their highly restrictive structures, categories, laboratories and man-made rules.

In order to recognize the most powerful and absolutely unavoidable conditions of the world, which are present in our mundane life, in our visions or dreams, memories and thinking, whether we categorize our experience as common, or artistic, or scientific, or philosophical, physical or mental, we would not need any technology.  

It is very important to admit that everything we may see and observe on superficial stages of what we call human "consciousness" is already processed through our very limited sense-perceptions. Our sense-perceptions are still greatly undeveloped, therefore, unlike animals in wilderness, we are very poorly coordinated in life, even in our artificially "isolated" from numerous natural conditions, society. Even when we try, very hard, to compensate for our great human limitations in perceiving our realities, by building artificial devices, augmenting our corporeal sight or hearing, manipulating nature's creations and laws,  we only become more opinionated rather than truly knowledgeable.  (For instance, while using wireless gadgets we can reach each other in great distances, but still cannot understand each other any better than millennia ago. We continue arguing, fighting, mindlessly destroying “things”, living beings, or trying to manipulate nature's design that we cannot understand.)

Our artificial human language, our primary way for our communications, however, it cannot be directly perceived, as it consists of little symbols, or images of words and their collective meanings and experiences. One's mind must process words into one's personal theater of imagination, and never in the exactly same way as others. Unlike unique and instinctively deep interactions in nature we communicate using symbolic sounds and images.  We are not born this way. We are naturally born with deep primary intuition for perceiving intimately our ever-new, ever-changing environments. But  we begin to suppress this inborn intuition starting from our early childhood, just in order to fit the artificial structures,  rules and systems of our man-made society and its artificial, monotonous systems. As soon as we are trained to adopt to artificial, unifying our minds and bodies conventions, we find ourselves locked up inside a “wonder world” of human activities, and mentality expressing human imagination brewing in “consciousness”. While observing and explaining those  spectacles of shallow human theater of consciousness, we commonly mistake what we see for the objective to us world. Our sense-perceptions are not designed to see, touch,  or hear anything as it is.  But How do we actually recognize our selves, "separating" our selves from the rest of visible to us spectacles, backgrounds and objects? These questions can be answered  in  our new field of knowledge, which endless wonders we are about to explore.

Is this possible to greatly improve and advance our education in order to understand and evolve our minds and intuition? Yes. Our goal is to build our interactive school for sharing our experiences, and practicing together our innovative approach to better knowledge, discovering new inspirational experiences.

“THE SUN IS NEW EACH DAY”  as the great sage Heraclitus explains Flux since c. 535 - c. 475 BC. Heraclitus is the most profound thinker known in our short history, who is still  teaching us fundamental knowledge on nature of the world, and its most powerful laws. However, he is not understood for millennia. It is very inconvenient for us, humans, to accept the obvious fact as  Instant Change, "transfering" us, minds and bodies, into new different worlds before we may blink. Flux is an  unavoidable condition everywhere, for the reason that Change is a major force of existence and  vatality of all kinds. Our stubborn struggle to build permanent,  "perfect things" and "systems" are mindlessly impractical. 

 We are here to find explanations on the fascinating condition of Flux itself, based upon major interactions it creates within everything that exists.
Every form of life has naturally inborn abilities to interact with and sense instant FLUX, but these abilities are not for reflecting, measuring or judging anything as it is. Flux is a producer of instant metamorphoses throughout its entire world. Deeply effected by Flux our Perceptions are responsible for incomparably crucial functions of life than for to simply reflect, observe or analyze  some "things", spectacles, subjects or objects.
Before we even may sense something, the magnificent world of Flux entirely turns into its new ephemeral compositions of unimaginable metamorphosis that are impossible for any creature to comprehend.

We are about to discover how the process of perceiving reveals the most vital and sophisticated function of our mind, and every living mind. Perceiving is manifesting the most creative process we may ever experience and know,  Life itself. The very nature of Life is about coexistence with Flux, developing creative abilities for interacting with ever-changing conditions for building its unique realities, and eventually evolve.

The unthinkable Flux, keeps changing our minds and bodies beyond our comprehension. The world cannot wait for us to see, photograph or record it in any format. The classical Newtonian or Einstein's discoveries are telling us more about unique human conditions of our extremely crude human “consciousness” than about the universal laws of the objective to us world.
Whatever we know from the past to this very day tells us incomparably more about our descriptions of the theatrical spectacles of superficial consciousness, than about the world. Before re-evaluating our existing knowledge it is crucial to admit that all our achievements in common knowledge have derived from extremely limited experience that we observe on surfaces of the theater of ""consciousness".

The Nature's Mechanism of Perceptions.
I believe that our basic artistic abilities are granted to us by nature for a much greater purpose that to create art. Our sensations are living colorful paints, our feelings are brushes, and our intuition is a Will of an artist himself. A mind is an instinctive artist, always in a process of interpreting what it senses, whether events, characters, landscapes or even animating stories. A mind is the one who creates what it perceives, it may turn realities into hopelessly poor visions, or create magnificent spectacles of breathtaking metamorphosis.
The Nature's Living Mechanism of Perceptions is hidden behind the curtains of our theater of superficial consciousness. This Mechanism of Perceptions is revealed in its common routine, very similar to that in a classical, traditional painting. While painting an artist constantly compares, selects, focuses on something that seems very important, and putting the rest on a vague background. Then an artists frames his finished work separating it from all disturbances created by surroundings of his room.
Every mind is going through the same Classical Artist's routine but deeply in mind, and this instinctive, mental routine is endlessly present in us whether we observe, awake or asleep, think, memorize or imagine.
We are about to make a step or two into the unknown field of nature, heading toward a new era of breakthrough discoveries which can neither fit inside labs nor actual brains, be explained by equations, or detected through any man-made devices. We are about to discover our minds natural abilities that are responsible for creating its "consciousness”, where our pictorial imagination thrives, building its fantastic scenarios of what we understand as our realities. The Nature's Mechanism of Perceptions empowers not only our human life but every form of life. The process of creative perceiving is a must in every form of life for the sake of its survival and evolvment.
All forms of life have something in common in thriving and surviving within conditions of unstoppable Flux, where our LIMITATIONS play a crucial part. Read more..

For farther developing fundamental thoughts of Heraclitus on unavoidable universal nature's laws I suggest to begin with The Nature's Living Mechanism of  Perceptions, which reveals why our existence is inseparable from instant Flux.   

STUDY WITH US,  JOIN US IN BUILDING a wise  FUTURE  beyond closed "spaces",  where old human psyche has been recycling for ages.


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