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STUDY AND BUILD WITH US THE FUTURE BEYOND EXISTING INSTITUTIONS AND RECYCLING MENTALITY. Nova Town is a new unique Global Host for cross-discipline gatherings, both virtual and actual. Nova Town establishes a new school devoted to learning and teaching Fundamental Laws of Nature that are governing our entire existence. These laws are still unrecognized, ignored in all schools, in sciences and research, in social systems, and missed in all aspects of our everyday living, as well as in basic understanding of morals and ethics.

The explanations on unique nature of human mind itself,  and how it creates its unique scenarios on quite superficial stages of "consciousness" are still missing in sciences and other fields of our artificially structured mentality. 

Why do we sense and perceive what we sense as images and appearances?   What kind of imagination makes us believe that we can see the actual objective reality, calculate, copy, photograph, analyze and even memorize it "as it is"?  First and foremost, why do we persistanly ignore the most crucial condition in the world, its entire, instant Change, conveniently forgetting that we are literaly made of unstoppable changes,  from those unthinkable metamorphoses of the world?

These questions have not been answered before, however, they do have fascinating answers, suggested on this website.

No one can fly out of one’s mind to see the world as it is.  In the world of Flux, of the unthinkable powers of change, every form of life must be protected by its own unique Limitations from getting destroyed as a unique living composition,  in other words every form of life possesses its unique PROTECTIVE BOUNDARIES,  its unque ways to resist to changes in varies degree.  If we have no limitations we would melt down into colossal transformations of Flux in no time, like tiny lumps of sugar in a very hot cup of tea.

Newtonian or Einsteinian  or any other laws described in physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics,  are not universal and they only  indicate human, very limited experience processed through our unique perceptions.  For instance,  No creatures like bacteria or viruses, who might have no brains,  but if compared to ours, possess very different minds and bodies, would not need our gravity, space and time. If one would insist that virus may experience some presence of "gravity" it is important to comprehend that when any sorts of quantities change significantly, then qualities create drastically different conditions!   These very different from us creatures are intelligently intuitive, and easily communicate among themselves and within their specific environments. In order to truly understand other forms of life we must become the same creatures as they are. Endless varieties of life forms have no brains, but they possess  highly intuitive minds, superior to our human "consciousness". As we learn about how our limited perceptions create our theaters of unique Human "consciousness" we discover that the phenomenon of our "conscious" mind  is not necessary proofing our high intelligence. 

Our human sense-perceptions are still greatly undeveloped, and, and unlike in animals in wilderness, we are very poorly coordinated in life, even when equipped with our artificial devices. (Using endless gadgets we can reach each other in great distances but still cannot understand each other any better than millennia ago.) Though we are naturally  born with deep primary intuition, we begin to suppress it  since our early childhood, as soon as we are getting trained to adopt to artificial and unifying conventions and mentality of our society.

Is this possible to greatly improve and advance our education in order to evolve our minds and intuition?  Yes. This is our goal,  to build our interactive school, and practice together our innovative approach to better knowledge, developing new experience.

“THE SUN IS NEW EACH DAY” so are we, as the great sage Heraclitus explains Flux since c. 535 – c. 475 BC

Every form of life has naturally inborn abilities to interact with and sense instant FLUX,  but these abilities are not for reflecting, measuring or judging  anything as it is. Our  Perceptions are involved in incomparably deeper functions of life that to simply observe spectacles, subjects or objects.

Before we even may sense something, the magnificent world of Flux entirely turns into its new ephemeral compositions of unimaginable metamorphosis that are impossible for any creature to observe. The nature of our abilities to perceive  is surprisingly much more creative than we may imagine.  We are about to discover how the process of perceiving  reveals the most vital and sophisticated function of our mind. Every living mind.  The closer  we are able to  watch this process the greater we begin to understand that  what we call Perceiving is manifesting the most creative process  we may ever know,  Life itself.  The very nature of Life is about selective interactions, limitations or protective boundaries, and creative abilities to build its unique realities where its mind lives.

As we live through myriad of interactions with ever-changing environments "driven" by the unthinkable Flux, they keep changing our minds and bodies beyond our comprehension. One might learn this most powerful nature's law  from ancient Heraclitus. This makes impossible to perceive the world as it is, not even for a moment. The world cannot wait for us to see, photograph or record it in any format.  To understand that the classical Newtonian or Einstein's discoveries are telling us more about unique human conditions of our extremely crude human minds interacting with human bodies and specific "physical" conditions, than about the universal laws of the objective to us world, is our initial step.

Whatever we know from the past to this very day  tells us incomparably more about our explanations of the  theatrical  spectacles of superficial consciousness mind, than about  the world.

Before re-evaluating our existing knowledge it is crucial to admit that all our achievements in common knowledge have derived from extremely limited experience that we observe on surfaces of the theater of ""consciousness".

We are about to reveal a primordial art work of every living mind, that involves instinctive subconsciously mental routine that we can easily find in Classical Artist's Painting.  Eventually we will discover that all our devices, arts, like paintings, movies, literature, poetry and even presentations in sciences and medical research are structured after deeply instinctive subconscious routine without no mind can live.

We must Compare everything we sense,  we Compose sensations  into  visual compositions when sensations work as fluctuating "pixels", while we are  Focusing our instinctive attention on some special sensations. Our mind then is Framing its pictorial impressions of fluctuating sensations as compositions images and appearances, "isolating" them  from constantly disturbing, fluctuating interactions/sensations within and without.   

The Nature's Mechanism of Perceptions. 

I believe that our basic artistic abilities are granted to us by nature for a much greater purpose that to create art. Sensations are  living colorful paints, feelings are brushes, intuition is canvas. A mind is an instinctive artist, always interpreting what it senses, whether events, characters, landscapes or even plays animating stories. A mind remains to be the one who creates what it  perceives.  Our perceptions of mind may turn our realities into hopelessly  poor spaces, or create magnificent world of breathtaking metamorphosis.

The Nature's Living Mechanism of Perceptions is hidden behind the curtains of our consciousness. It is revealed in a common routine that a classical artists creates its painting. While painting an artist constantly compares, selects, focuses on something that seems very important,  putting the rest on a vague background. Then an artists frames his finished work separating it from all disturbances in the surroundings of his room.

First and  foremost nature has given us primordial artistic abilities and not just for creating fine art.   Every mind is going through the same Classical Artist's routine but in mind, and this routine is endlessly present in mind whether we observe,  awake or asleep, think, memorize or imagine.

We are about to make a step or two into the unknown field of nature, heading toward a new era of breakthrough discoveries which can neither fit inside labs nor actual brains, be explained by equations, or detected through any man-made devices. We are about to discover how this is possible for our minds  to create its "consciousness" where its pictorial imagination thrives building its unique stages of fantastic scenarios where all sorts of "matter" is basically  made-of not of what we see as atoms, not of lurky quarks, but of our ever-changing fluctuating sensations.

The main goal in this new study is to reveal how the Nature's Mechanism of Perceptions empowers not only human life and our existence but every form of life. The process of perceiving is a must in every form of life.

All forms of life have something  in common in surviving unstoppable Flux.  

For farther developing fundamental thoughts of Heraclitus on unavoidable universal nature's laws I suggest to begin with The Nature's Living Mechanism of  Perceptions, which reveals why our existence is inseparable from instant Flux.   

STUDY WITH US,  JOIN US IN BUILDING a wise  FUTURE  beyond closed "spaces",  where old human psyche has been recycling for ages.


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