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STUDY AND BUILD WITH US THE FUTURE BEYOND EXISTING INSTITUTIONS AND RECYCLING MENTALITY. Nova Town is a new unique Global Host for cross-discipline gatherings, both virtual and actual. Nova Town establishes a new school devoted to learning and teaching Fundamental Laws of Nature that are governing our entire existence. These laws are still unrecognized, ignored in all schools, in sciences and research, in social systems, and missed in all aspects of our everyday living, as well as in basic understanding of morals and ethics.

We are about to make a step or two into the unknown field of knowledge, heading toward a new era of breakthrough discoveries that can neither fit inside labs nor actual brains, be explained by equations, or detected through any man-made devices, nevertheless, these new findings would clearly unite our existing experience and knowledge under the most powerful laws of nature governing our whole existence.

While discovering and learning from unavoidable conditions of nature we would be able to learn from its ever changing environments and instantly changing metamophoses, not from crucially simplified orders that we create in our superficial theater of human “consciousness”.   “..the human mystery is incredibly demeaned by scientific reductions, .. this belief must be classed as a superstition…” Sir John Eccles, neurophysiologist and philosopher.

The explanations on unique nature of human mind itself,  and how it creates its unique scenarios on quite superficial stages of “consciousness” are still missing in sciences and other fields of our artificially structured society. We are taught in schools to participate in collective dreams of what we call “knowledge”.  “Knowledge” as it is suggested today does not give us any universal experience because it is  only possible to be perceived on ephemeral stages of Human theater of Consciousness. A Superficially pictorial fragment of our mind, that we recognize as Consciousness,  is the major source of human thinking, activities of all sorts and moreover,  non-stop excitement, that drive our society in many different uncomprehended directions. 

The fact that our knowledge has a very shaky foundation, or no foundation at all,  has been persistently acknowledged in classical philosophy. Our mind itself and its nature are not truly explained in any literature. Sciences still cannot admit that  our observations of any sorts are not objective or universal.  It would be impossible to deny that no nueroscientists, surgeons or  butchers are able to find any thought or image in physical brains.  However,  the old history gives us some opportunity to find some  answers  from the most monumental thoughts on mind and its nature.   Since over two millennia ago, the greatest  Greek sage Heraclitus is still teaching us that this world is governed by nature’s most powerful laws created and conditioned by  Flux, or unstoppable and unavoidable change.  “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” 
One can be also  inspired by John Lock’s ideas on immaterial nature of mind that is creating its unique visions within itself; then George Berkeley’s  findings on mind’s great Limitations and impossibility of knowing anything as it is, as  “things in themselves”,  the idea he has articulated before I. Kant; then everyone would be impressed by a unique and profound research by Maurice Merleau-Ponty on phenomenology of human perception and undeniable deceptions of corporeal human sight; and finally, we would need to understand  the true meaning of Werner Heisenberg’s revolutionary uncertainty principle, and his “Observer Effect” major discovery of the last century,  revealing that  an act of observation unavoidably changes what we observe and vice versa.

Though either ignored or simply misunderstood in the main stream of a postmodern research, activities and thinking mislead and badly confused by loud “information” and “reductionism” , these most powerful classical works we have mentioned above, are crucial for us to start  building the fundamental understanding of our mind.

To explain our ultimately confusing, fantastically imaginative, and constantly involved in superficially ordered scenarious  of “consciousness” we have to eventually explore the unknown way to see what is beyond appearances visible  to us in “consciousness”.  What kind of vital powers animate our minds? How do images get to our consciousness? If we cannot perceive anything as it is  What do we need our perceptions for?   What kind of endless problems we face, easily mistaking our curious spectacles of  “consciousness”  for “objective reality”?

No one can fly out of one’s mind to see the world as it is.  In the world of Flux of unthinkable powers of change, every form of life must be protected by its Limitations,  in other words it possesses its unique Boundaries. If we have no limitations we would melt down into colossal transformations of Flux like tiny lumps of sugar in a very hot cup of tea.

It is important to remember that the world of unthinkable transformations  would not allow any perfect balance, copies, symmetry, repetition, exactness of any sort, any sorts of absolute isolation or identical units, or actual “space and time”. Our “common” knowledge taught in schools  brings heavy confusion to our minds.

Newtonian or Einsteinian  or any other laws described in physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics,  are not universal and they only  indicate unique  human experience processed through very limited perceptions.   No bacteria and viruses, for instance, who might have no brains,  but possess very different minds and bodies, would not need gravity, space and time, and intelligently communicate within their specific realities. Endless varieties of life forms have no brains, but they possess fascinating, highly intuitive living minds, and refined senses of their environments.

Human “consciousness” is a phenomenon that is not necessary proofing us our high intelligence.

Our sense-perceptions are still greatly undeveloped, and, and unlike in animals in wilderness, we are very poorly coordinated.  Though we are  born with deep primary intuition we begin to supress it  sunce our early childhood, as soon as we are getting trained to accept conventions of our society.

Since  we are trained to speak our artificial human language,  we cannot communicate  as directly and quickly as animals in wilderness. We have  to interpret the meaning of pronounced or written words, imagine what they might mean before we understand some situation they describe.  We are always “late” for the world, as we are reacting to its natural changes only afterwards. The process of our “conscious” perceiving takes extra time for digesting our corporeal sensations into formations, orders, shapes, textures, colors, movements and compositions of thought, or spectacles. Human “consciousness” is  a pictorial theater of ephemeral visions processed through a very large “bio-mechanism” of  brains and what we call sense-perceptions of sight. It is crucial to learn that corporeal sense-perceptions of sight has been proofed to be the most illusive, deceiving and tricky sense-perceptions of all we may possess. However,  in all our aspects of life, including entire sciences and mathematics, we trust our corporeal sight as a major proof for “objective” reality.

We are also trained to ignore whatever we may sense deeply behind the visible “props” on stages of “consciousness”, it is refered as “subconsciousness” that cannot be proofed based upon tangible experience through corporeal sense-perceptions and cannot be recorded as flat appearances on screens, books, photos, maps, or blueprints.

We are not told that we do not see the world directly  as it is, and these impressions of “consciousness”   are mainly processed through our corporeal sight that ironically  proofs itself to be the most superficial, illusive, and deceiving physical sense-perception of all we may possess.

Can some day sciences would be interested to revise well known findings and also mountains of informations, which are proofed upon superficial pictorial appearances of some formations in microscopes and telescopes, or visible on screens and  photos, proofed as  apperances of  collective numbers and equations, balanced on flat surfaces, and rethink that  evidence perceived through highly questionable corporeal sight?  How do we perceive what we measure or judge or trust? WHY DO WE HAVE TO PERCEIVE?

Shall we try to understand what we  are actually able to initially sense, before we begin to see, hear, smell, touch, measure, judge, admire, manipulate, cage, control, discuss and explain? What does make us trust that human sense-perceptions we feel through a body give us the world as it is?

We live in the world of instant irreversible transformations where nothing can be truly stopped, fixed, isolated, perfectly balanced, complete, measured, copied, repeated or even reflected or put in minds as it is. In order to build a true foundation for knowledge and an intelligent way to exist we shall look for drastically new methods for learning about the world and ourselves.

“THE SUN IS NEW EACH DAY” so are we. For the very first time a great Greek HERACLITUS has described his fundamental concept of Flux, the most crucial condition of nature of the world. Flux is an endless living wonder of unstoppable metamorphoses, where nothing can stay still or the same for any time. Why is that in our age of expending in all directions sciences we still do not even bother to ask ourselves: What does make us, humans, trust what we see, and believe in  “the same” sun, home, things, numbers, equations, photographs, events, ideas, individuals? How do our minds create for us these illusions of sameness, even exactness those wonder things that we use for proofing truth? And WHY?

While our civilized society keeps facing man-made disasters as the result of phenomenal  ignorance about nature and its universal laws, our main interest is concentrated on appearances and scenarios of human consciousness that we mistake for spectacles of an objective world.

Every form of life has naturally inborn abilities to perceive but these abilities are not for reflecting, measuring or judging  anything as it is. Our  Perceptions are involved in incomparably deeper functions of life. Before we even may sense something, the magnificent world of Flux entirely turns into its new ephemeral compositions, that are impossible for any creature to observe. The nature of perceptions is surprisingly much more creative than we may imagine.  We are about to discover that perceiving  reveals the most vital and sophisticated function of our mind, every living mind.  The closer  we are able to  watch this process the greater we begin to understand that  what we call Perceiving is manifesting the most creative process  we may ever know,  life itself.

Before trying to measure, describe or explain things and events we may see (mistaking them for apperances of objective realities) it is important to reveal our own primordial abilities allowing us to exist.

As we live through myriad of interactions with ever-changing environments “driven” by the unthinkable Flux, they keep changing our minds and bodies beyond our comprehension. This makes impossible to perceive the world as it is, not even for a moment.  Whatever we know from the past to this very day  tells us incomparably more about our theatrical  spectacles of superficial consciousness than about  the world.

To understand that the classical Newtonian or Einstein’s discoveries are telling us more about unique human conditions of minds interacting with human bodies, than about the universal laws of the objective to us world, is our initial goal. Before re-evaluating our existing knowledge it is crucial to admit that all our achievements in common knowledge have derived from extremely limited experience.

How do we keep creating and “saving” our sensations, thoughts, memories,  feelings in “time”? How can we keep recognizing selfs? In my brief introduction to “Natural Mechanism of Perceptions” you will find uncommon observation inviting us in a new field of research and experience.

In order to see anything our minds have to do primordially artistic work, that involves instinctive mental routine, Comparison of sensations, Focusing on some of them and  Composing them  in perceivable/visual compositions. Our mind then is Framing its sense impressions “isolating” them  from  its disturbing, constantly flactuaing interactions within and without. I believe that our basic artistic abilities are granted to us by nature for a much greater purpose that to create art. Sensations are colorful paints, feelings are brushes, intuition is canvas. A mind is an artist, always interpreting what it senses, whether events, characters, landscapes or plays,  but remains to be the one who creates what it may perceive.  Our perceptions of mind are powerful enough to condition our realities, they may limit our vision and experience or lead us to magnificent possibilities to experience this mighty world, and its life  of breathtaking metamorphosis.

As we learn that Limitations play crucial role in existnce of mind, we admit that no one is able to fly out one’s mind to perceive the world as it is. However,  we have to replace our common notion about limitations as just negative obstracles we must fight.

In farther writing I suggest to comprehend Limitations as our Protective Boundaries. Without our Limitations, or forms of natural resistance,  we would melt into colossal Flux in no time, just like lumps of sugar in a very hot cup of tea. Moreover, our Limitations also constantly shaping up our realities, minds, bodies and destinies  from the unthinkable world, as fantastic sculptor’s chisels.

We may have deep instinctive abilities to sense our  ever changing realities and live more or less in tune with everything around us similarly to animals in wilderness.  Or we can continue isolating our minds and bodies from nature we cannot understand.

In any case we shall learn about what makes us alive.  While our superficial theater of consciousness is thriving on illusive appearances “delivered” to its superficial stages by corporeal sight, we are about to observe the invisible to physical eye “art studio”  of  mind.

The Nature’s Living Mechanism of Perceptions is hidden behind the curtains of our consciousness. It is revealed in a common routine that a classical artists creates its painting. While painting an artist constantly compares, selects, focuses on something that seems very important,  puting the rest on a vague background. Then an artists frames his finished work separating it from all desturbances in the surroundings of his room.

First and  foremost nature has given us primordial artistic abilities and not just for creating fine art.   Every mind is going through the same Classical Artist’s routine but in mind, and this routine is endlessly present in mind whether we observe,  awake or asleep, think, memorize or imagine.

The main goal in this new study is to reveal how the Nature’s Mechanism of Perceptions empowers not only human life and our existence but every form of life. The process of perceiving is a must in every form of life.

Perceptions are not for reflecting or seeing anything as it is “out there”. Perceptions and their primordial artistic routine they follow is to create within every living creature its own internal unique existences, where it is able to find its quite unique ways to be, and even to evolve within the unthinkably powerful conditions of the world’s Flux.

Moreover, there are no other ways but unique ways,  the only realistic ways to interact within and wthout our minds (and temporary bodies). All we initially instinctively may sense are unthinkable powers of change creating its instant metamorphoses of nature. In every instant of our existence  is a new challange, and a new opportunity.

Uniqueness is a must in every creature or event and it indicates an ability to adjust towards new environments, to survive and even prosper by getting along with change in all  creative ways. You hear the orchestra of nature and this is your true reality, play your own unique instrument in harmony, in order to exist.

To learn to respect uniqueness in our society is not a popular concept, as we do not learn much but mimic others or use many things we do not understand. We are trained to think and behaive as non-existing prototypes serving social and industrial systems.

In nature every form of existence means great efforts to find its best abilities to evolve itself. As we do not understand this law of nature we lose the road to survival, where   better ethics and morals teaches us powerful nature’s wisdom.

Back to Heraclitus. For the first time in history we begin to discover where the foundation of human knowledge has had to be built. Like fragments of ancient ruins, the fragments of the colossal thoughts of ageless wisdom are still there, but postmodern men see no “practical” use in them except looking at and mistaking them for artifacts. About 2.5 millennia ago a great philosopher Heraclitus has introduced our minds to presence of the powerful existence of endless Flux, the most vital condition we may sense at any time. The fundamental Heraclitus’ teaching on Flux has been mainly ignored in every field of human activities and ideas. Flux that is revealing all interactive conditions and powers of nature allows us to stay alive in its conditions.

Why is that our existing institutions keep recycling and manipulating questionable ideas for ages feeding human psyche with nothing substantial but just enormous mountains of data? Data that is what we commonly mistake for “knowledge” and even “discoveries”, it needs thorough re-evaluations.

All forms of life have something  in common in surviving unstoppable Flux.  

For farther developing fundamental thoughts of Heraclitus on unavoidable universal nature’s laws I suggest to begin with The Nature’s Living Mechanism of  Perceptions, which reveals why our existence is inseparable from instant Flux.   

STUDY WITH US,  JOIN US IN BUILDING a wise  FUTURE  beyond closed “spaces”,  where old human psyche has been recycling for ages.



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