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Our Forever Teachers






George Berkeley


Arthur Schopenhauer


Henri Bergson


Merleau Ponty


Werner Heisenberg

NovaTown Directors

Vera Nova, President
Brings a thoughtful and harmonious presence to our board. She generously shares her authentically unique ideas and vision with our members, our collaborators, and a new generation of learners, who come to us to study. Nova’s findings are steps into the new field of knowledge on nature revealing its still unrecognized laws that are unavoidably governing our existence. Her discoveries are greatly ahead of our time. She brings endless inspiration to our uncommon cross-sector projects, and remains one of the Nova Town Society influential leaders in our charitable work for the sake of our wiser future.

Charles WhitleyCharles Whitley, Treasurer

Charles Whitley's profound knowledge in many 'chapters' of history, philosophy, classical art, architecture, mathematics and natural sciences is hard to overestimate. While making a living he has been designing unique residential and commercial structures for several decades as a highly experienced structural engineer. Whitley is currently completing a manuscript on the philosophy of science

Billy KunkelM. Burroughs, Director

M. Burroughs is a recognized author, TV personality, professional musician, comic book writer, photographer and teacher. One of the pioneers and innovators of the electronic gaming industry, he was written extensively for both consumer game magazines and business magazines covering the wide world of electronic entertainment software. He has been interviewed in numerous books on the subject and has appeared regularly on TV and radio shows, as well as numerous documentaries, including one produced by Disney Studios. Burroughs was recently completing a novel and a series of short stories. In addition to his business pursuits, M. Burroughs was teaching a course on electronic games design and technology for several years.

Leonard Slatest, Director

Over 38 years, Leonard Slatest  participated in scientific research projects modeling a wide variety of physical and mathematical processes: oceanographic modeling (vertical eddy viscosity in the presence of baroclinic flow in coastal waters), remote sensing of global Rare Earth minerals by orbiting satellite (cosmogenic neutron-capture-produced nuclides in stony meteorites), quantum mechanics (electron scattering research), nuclear reactor simulation for safety analysis, modeling van der waals forces in aerosols, and the development of a finite element parabolic partial differential equations solver. 

Some of this work culminated in co-authorship of Journal of Geophysical Research papers.

A Senior Technology Engineer , his other work includes parallelizing a Global Chemistry model, creating a dynamic web atlas database described in the journal Neuroscience which was accessed by 1200 Life Sciences international users, and parallelizing a computational process used by an electric utility company.

He performed the above and other work on a variety of parallel computers including the supercomputers at NERSC and Argonne National Lab, the Blue Gene series, and
GPU parallel clusters. 

 He performed his thesis in Radio Astronomy,  and is a member of the American Institute of Physics (AIP) National Physics Honor Society Sigma Pi Sigma.

Simone Arlin, Secretary

This charitable project would not be possible without Simone’s endless perseverance , thoughtfulness and exquisite organizational skills.