New Concepts Toward The Future Understanding Of Human Existence


The future of studying and comprehending Human Psychology that is constantly effected by poor visions observed within theatrical spectacles of what we questionably indicated as “consciousness” of mind, is unavoidable, in order to heal our illsome psyche.  Human Psychology has to be the very basic subject to study in every field, even become a major subject,  including elementary schools. The existing, highly questionable methods of learning and researching in general, must be replaced with more wise and sufficient methods. The methods that are designed to trust only human sight, that is the most deceiving and illusive sense-perception of all we, humans, possess, must be revised.     Our Future New Sciences need to build the true foundation for knowledge, and allow rich nature’s soil  grow our fruitful wisdom. Unfortunately for our new generation  our existing sciences have only  false, based on methods of reductionsm, imaginative basis and artificially restrictive rules.

Our postmodern sciences are turned into loud spectacles and moronic pop-shows for masses.
Mountains of undigested “Information” is replacing true knowledge and thinking, even often presented as “shocking discoveries” or moreover,  “problem solvers”.

Almost No one among researchers is interested in HOW whatever they perceive, those appearances on screens, photos, as “models” and “pictures” become visible to their minds.

It’s very sad that Mathematics, that is overwhelmed by fundamental logical errors, from its “foundation” to the picks of calculus, seems to be the only major proofing method for “reality”, “nature” or “truth”…

New Science, that is not yet established, before we are ready to change our still wretched knowledge, we must revise history of human consciousness and its theatrical psyche from a very different perspective, and from the time of great ancient Greeks.

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